Monday, July 07, 2008

stream of consciousness.

we make hundreds of choices on any given day.
in your life, are there choices you would change?
how do you keep from bring affected by someone else's mood?
the loud clanging and banging....the're not it your fault?
how do you not let that bad energy affect you...while at the same time, trying to be understanding.
if there are typos in here it's because i have a huge bandage on my left index finger and i'm not going back and fixing 'em.
so what's the secret? how do you maintain your flow of energy.
and how do you know when it's time, and okay to make a choice that is good for you and you only.
what i'd really like to know is how do i get back my identity? how do i stand on my own and not be affected by the mood. yes, i am part of a couple...but i am also an individual. and should be less affected in that regard.
i think if you're not happy, and you can change that, you should. if what you're currently doing isn't fully working for you, and you can do something to change must. the art journal page here is not new but does convey how i'm currently feeling. nothing like a little electrical tape and paint that can't make you feel better, right? too bad i feel absolutely uncreative tonight or i could have gone upstairs and made a new page.


~Amie~ said...

I love that layout intense with the yellow. HUGS to you!

Patrice~ said...

I choose to choose.
and minimize me.
hear you.
yellow really shouts out.

Lisa said...

"If momma ain't happy? Ain't nobody happy"

I think I may have just found a working title for my book in progress.

All kidding aside. Yours is the question of every mother of every age and every time.

The difference is that in THIS really do have more choices.

And you have made one by choosing to go on your "artful journey"