Thursday, July 03, 2008


random thailand photo i got from google images.
feeling drugged up (way toooo many allergy meds). that don't work worth a crap.
wishing for enough free time so i could sleep, eat (things that are bad for me), scrap, art journal and paint. haven't painted since june 5th or 6th. can't remember.
always feeling like time is running out. why is that?
now i am going to go make dinner.
tomorrow we're going to the lake with friends but coming back early enough so alexander can take a rest. after that, same friends over for a bbq, i'm making strawberry shortcake...then off to fireworks. happy 4th!


Patrice~ said...

dd and ds suffer
from allergies.
we do allergy shots.

I think I'd
rather have 'shotcake' . . .

Lisa said...

Allergies stink

Meds that don't work for allergies? even worse

Upside...the colors in
this photo are sublime

Holy cow

What I would love to see you do with this as a jumping off point.

Remember girl. Steal time WHERE and WHEN you can.

Even if you don't finish a project (by your definition)

Even doing 5/10/20 minutes a day?

You are building and flexing and strengthening those "crazy gifted artsy" muscles that are snapping to and fro in your cerebellum.

and YES...the brain and soul are muscles

At least in my book.