Sunday, July 20, 2008 went like this.......

why is there a picture of a table on my blog? read on.

so, you're wondering how our date night went, right??!! THERE WAS NO DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol...... try as he might, james was unable to locate someone to watch the boys. so we took them out to dinner with us. but hey. it was better than me cooking and me doing the dishes!!

so.....on the way home i said to james, 'i'd really like to go to world market.' in case you are unaware, world market is one of my absolute favorite stores. i wanted to look for a little bag that i can take to thailand with me. just something small (that will fit in my carry on that i can take out and use while there) carry what i need while out and about. didn't find any little bag....but james DID find a beautiful dining room table and chairs. he found it. not me. HE brought it to my attention. i did not go looking for it. now. that being said, we are now the proud new owners of a new dining room table and chairs!!! LOL!! not the best time to buy a table and chairs. i JUST bought my airplane tickets to bangkok. the table was on clearance. the chairs were on clearance. and i am in love.

here is one of my deepest darkest secrets. are you ready?? well.....are you???!! i have an itty bitty dining room table. i HATE my itty bitty dining room table. james and i have had it for probably 15 years. it seats 4. yes. i said 4. while that's all fine and great when it's the just the four of us........several times a year we have family visit. we often entertain for dinner. a table that seats 4? NOT conducive to entertaining. i'm happy to report my new table will seat 10. it pulls out with a nice big leaf. aaaaaaaaah. i can't wait. it's being sent to the store from the warehouse next week. how could i pass up the deal?? everything was on clearance. and anyway. it's james' fault. ;) you have no idea how excited i am. we almost bought a new table last year at the beginning of december. we decided we couldn't afford it....we would wait. well....we still can't afford it. lol...but we did it anyway! i can't wait for it to be inside my house. a table that comfortably seats 6, 8....even 10 people??!! ~thud~ that's me passing out from giddiness and joy.

i went to world market's website to look for a photo of the table and chairs but it's not listed on their site. the closest thing i could find is the photo i posted above. our new table is dark....that deep rich almost black color. it's beautiful. and seriously. i think i am going to pass out. i have waited. and waited. and waited for a new table. yippy!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol... as long as there are no problems getting the table from the warehouse i'll be all set! and i can't wait.

so james' date night? set him back.......oh.........close to a grand! ha!!!!!! that'll teach him to ever take me out again. LOL!


Lisa said...


I think new furniture is even better than a date night.

shhhhh...don't tell DH I said that...mwhahahaha!

Patrice~ said...

ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, baby!

what time is dinner?
and, white or red?


~Amie~ said...

woot! sweet new table! LOVE world market too :) that is where we got our dining room table!

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical! Congrats on your new table - doesn't it make you feel like a grown-up?