Saturday, May 17, 2008

oh my freaking god!

i am completely honored and thrilled to have my paintings/etsy shop mentioned by linda woods on (the REV it up list) blog! go here to check it:
there is a link on the right side of my blog that will take you to my etsy if you want to check out my shop. i'm working on three new pieces that will be added soon.


Patrice~ said...

thank goodness I already have your 'autograph' !!

Carrie K said...

OH MY FREAK... is RIGHT!! Jumping up and down screaming for you!! youre deliciously awesome my sweets!!

i commented on the rev list too...cause i want the world to know about your kick assedness...haahaahaa yeah...thats not a word...but its an EMOTION!!

Misty said...

Kimberly, congrats! That is absolutely awesome. Very proud of you sister.

Lisa said...


See I told you... I TOLD you!

I am doing the hugely embarassing but very sincere happy dance for you right now (just so you know it involves a lot of butt shaking and fist pumping...oh and I may have gotten airborne there for a moment!!)

~Amie~ said...

woohoo Kimberly!!!