Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it's raining!

just added this painting to my etsy shop along with one other one. if you want to take a look click here.

it is raining and cold today and i love it. it doesn't rain much here. it will be over in about ten minutes but i'll enjoy it while it's here.

had a really nice weekend. james spent a lot of time with the boys. i painted two pieces (one of which you see here). then saturday afternoon james and i went to see indy (left the boys with his mom). then yesterday afternoon james and i went to another movie!!! two movies in three days???!!! we haven't been to two movies in the last four years!! i left my kids twice in one weekend!!!!!!! that's big people. lol... james and i don't go out much without the boys. pretty much all our time is spent with them. so it was nice (especially since it was our anniversary).

while we didn't take our annual trip to mendo for our anniversary this year, we still had a great time just being together. yes, i missed the smell of the ocean, the briskness of a fort bragg morning, and walking on the beach, watching the boys play in the sand, but we did have a nice time just hanging out at home as a family. and we will, at some point, take a quick weekend getaway. it just didn't happen to be on our anniversary this time.

so far today i have swept the entire downstairs, vacuumed downstairs. cleaned the downstairs toilets, unloaded the dishwasher, taken E to school, started laundry and added two pieces to my shop. now i'm off to check on alexander and drink a cup of something hot!


Patrice~ said...

it's raining here, too!
and cold. yuk.
how was Indy?


gorgeous. just gorgeous.
do you have a gallery yet??

Leslie Ashe said...

HEY did you send me your rain? My gosh it was raining horses and cows here today! (no that's not Texas humor..or wait maybe it is, but I swear the raindrops were THAT big!) not to mention some WILD winds which make an umbrella just a decoration LOL!!

HI pretty lady!
LIsten..I WANT that painting! I want ALL of your paintings...I'm showing them to hubby and coming to pick a few out soon!

I just love your work.
LOVE it.
And to say I have a piece of your art in MY home? I can't WAIT!

OHHH did that snow hit you?
DANG it's summer not winter!

~Amie~ said...

hey we saw 2 movies over our anniversary too! LOL Funny how you miss some of the simpler things when you have kiddos running around.
love your paintings!

Lisa said...

This is all kinds of yumminess girl!

And woohoo for movieorama!