Tuesday, May 20, 2008

added two new paintings to my shop!

added this one to my shop just a couple of minutes ago. it's heavy body acrylic on medium texture canvas and is 12 x 16 in size. i added another one yesterday. if you want to see it click here.

i am finally starting to feel better (though still having trouble sleeping). alexander is still coughing and stuffy but seems to be on the road to recovery.

longing for a huge chunk of time to do nothing but create. maybe sleep a little, listen to some music...but wow. uninterrupted time to create? what a rare commodity!

received an email from my father today. wants to meet me for lunch on the 30th. i laughed out loud. just responded. needless to say i am not going. seriously?? he thinks i'm going to do that again???! so not happening.

one of my favorite things???? it's raining!!!!!!!!!!! in nevada. yeah. that's big people. it smells soooooo good right now! it's freaking cold but the big window in the living room is open wide so i can enjoy the smell. it won't last long. soon we'll be back to just icky cold and no delightful rain smell. yesterday it was 94 freaking degrees. today...rain! tomorrow?? 60 and cloudy!

off to put little ones to bed.


Rachael said...

Two more gorgeous paintings!!!

Glad everyone is starting to feel better!!

Patrice~ said...

you are so freakin' genius.
how does one 'ohhh and ahhhh'
in this blog-o-sphere????
if you keep it up,
I'm gonna end up with an
entire gallery of your work.

Lisa said...

It's MINE!!!!!

And as an aside.....girl you are inside my head. The colors and the composition on the "red background" piece just flew off the screen at me.

green for new life grounded in the constant golden light...wrapped in red's warmth. Hopeful white in abundance.

This makes my heart happy

~Amie~ said...

diggin' your paintings Kimberly!! And the smell of rain..fantastic!

Lea L. said...

Gorgeous painting Kimberly!

And stick to your guns on the lunch thing...until he proves some things to you.


Trish said...

LOVE the painting!

Hope you all are feeling better!