Sunday, May 25, 2008

a stroll down memory lane.

may 26, 1991. the day james and i got married. 17...let me say that again....SEVENTEEN years ago!!!! like holy crap. 17 years ago??? i must have been a young bride. ;)

first smooch as a married couple.
and yes. i set foot in a church and didn't spontaneously decombust.
cake anyone? heeheehee....
and before you go gettin' all...WTH?? white cake??? NO. it was just white frosting. believe me. my wedding cake was chocolate. damn straight.

part of our honeymoon was a cruise to mexico. this was in the main dining room and i have absolutely no idea who took this photo. but i'm glad we have it.
i should scrap our wedding. i haven't scrapped one single wedding photo. not one. some day i will. for now i'm content to just remember. remember our day. i would also like to take this opportunity to address a quesion my father posed to james and i before we got married. my dad thought we shouldn't have a wedding. he offered to buy us a washer and dryer, and give us $5,000 in cash to skip the wedding. now, 17 years later....i can answer whole-heartedly that i am glad we didn't even consider his offer. i am glad we had a wedding, and have all these photographs to help us remember. as for the washer and dryer??? i'm on my second washer and third dryer. they can be replaced. beautiful memories cannot.
so james, happy anniversary to you. i love you with all my heart. after all these years together i can honestly say i still love spending time with you. you make me laugh and you make me smile. you are a good man. you are generous and give of yourself freely. you are a good father to our children. it is important to remember a couple....before the kids. it is important to celebrate us....and the day we got married. happy anniversary.


Carrie K said...

aaahhhh...thats so sweet! you MUST have been a child when you got married ;)

congrats on being happy after all these years...and SERIOUSLY...a washer?? pfft...

Patrice~ said...

you two are C.U.T.E. cute.
seventeen years?????
what, were you guys about 13-14
when you got married???

pretty people.
priceless memories.
here's to
you and James,
dear Kimberly - salut!

Lea L. said...

Good gracious...were you still children when you got married?! Seventeen years!! That is awesome!

I so agree with you on the memories part...I wouldn't have skipped my wedding for the world!


Lisa said...

Happy anniversary you two! Those pixs are so sweet and wise choices mae at such a YOUNG age, both the hubby unit and the weddng vs the laundry girl!

~Amie~ said...

happy anniversary! I love seeing your pics from your special day!