Thursday, July 26, 2007

i'm back!

yup. back from chicago. i have much to say about the trip but not tonight. for tonight i leave you with these pictures which dina was kind enough to let me have.

here we are! carly (owner of scrapgal), dina (DT coordinator for SG) , anja wade, me, celeste and jennifer.

the next pic is carly, me, jennifer, christi, celeste and dina. really a great time. it was good for me to be away from the boys. i missed them but i needed some time. i have more to say. but later. i'm trying to spend less time on the computer. something i've decided i need to do.

i will say carly is one of the nicest people ever. if you haven't yet checked out scrapgal, you really need to. best service ever and carly often has things no other store does. jennifer is a riot. christi is great. celeste? where to start. love her! and talented (was guest designer for hambly last month). she is a blast. very funny. okay...need to finish grocery list. i'm shopping in the morning. we're heading out (camping for the weekend with friends) though we'll be back early sunday to attend our neighborhood's block party!


Stephanie said...

Glad you had a good time. Have a great weekend!

Rachael said...

Welcome back!! I missed ya!!

I love the pics of all of you!!!

jenscaleshr said...

So glad you're home safe and sound!

Love the photos - you are such an awesome chick with your cool hairdo!

Lisa said...

I'm sooo gla you made time for YOU with this trip. And look smokin hip and cool, you artsy chick you!

Leslie ashe said...

Love all the pics! So cool you girls got to meet!! Fun stuff!!