Monday, July 16, 2007

memorable birthday?

well....i would have to say my birthday that's coming up in's gonna be great. it was supposed to be a surprise. and it was for a while. but really james isn't great at keeping secrets (i love you) but he did do pretty well at keeping quiet about hiding money....hmmm.....

anyway...for the last two years he's been skimming money out of bonus checks, etc., and recently purchased for the family (for my birthday specifically) a week long trip to disneyworld. it's a while away. but hey. it's something to look forward to.

what sweeter man is there in the world than one who surprises his wife (and kids) with a trip to disneyworld for her birthday. and we're doing it right. great place to stay, great places to eat, enough time so the boys can sleep when they want to and we don't feel like we have to rush rush rush. i'm really looking forward to it!

a few weeks ago james and i were in the front yard sitting together. he took out of his pocket an itinerary and handed it to me. i was confused at first....just wan't sure what it was. he had to explain it to me! then we madly started planning the remaining things that needed to be planned. we talk about it every day. the boys don't quite know what disneyworld means. but they'll find out. september will get here eventually!


Patrice~ said...

wow, Kimberly. What a very thoughtful and loving idea your DH cooked up! And even tho' it's not a surprise, isn't it just too much fun to be involved in the planning? Your boys will be have the time of their life - just tons to see and do in addition to DW!
Beware the humidity, tho - Florida's weather is intense!
September. hmmmm. That's not so far away. Enjoy. And we'll all be watching for some more fab LO's of this extra-special trip!!

Stephanie said...

What an awesome surprise! Wow he definitely gets bonus husband points for this one! I know you are going to have the best time ever!

Lisa said...

I have four words for you

"Unofficial Guide to Disney"

It is an absolute treasure trove of tips that will make your trip SO much more memorable.

Trust, do not walk, to your nearest bookstore and get it

And pour over it at every avilable opportunity.

Best tips...

How to score a last minute reservation to the character dinner at the Contemporary


the best place to watch the evening fireworks.


Touring plans to get on all the rides with a minimum wait.

It was one of the BEST vacays we ever took, second only to DC two springs ago.

Magical memories await my friend!

Leslie Ashe said...

Ummm what a mighty good man!!

Have fun girl!!

Stacy Cartwright said...

What a great hubby!! You are going to have a blast.