Thursday, July 05, 2007

clean and graphic or...messy?

i sometimes think making a clean page is much easier than creating my usual style of page. and this is strange because i used to think creating a clean page was much, much harder. maybe my clean page sucks and that's why it just came together. i know it's not my fave. but it has clean lines and from time to time i seem drawn to clean lines. which is just so....odd!

so i created the clean page. then created the messy page. i like the messy page. way more than the clean page. it's more me. but, as i said, from time to time i just like to mix it up a little bit and just let whatever comes out...come out...and not worry about it. so there ya have it.

had a great 4th of july. just hanging out with james and the boys. not having to do anything, be anywhere....we had a water over for a nap....went to san rafael to watch the was good. talked about going to the lake but we just weren't in 'rush rush and get ready mode' so we didn't!


Stephanie said...

Love both pages! Keep rockin' that scrappin mojo!

Rachael said...

I love them both!! I have learned recently that it is fun to mix it up, for me it's layout size!

I always love everything you do!

jenscaleshr said...

I think your pages are fab no matter what style you choose! They just rock because they're YOU.