Wednesday, July 11, 2007

59 days until my birthday surprise.

59 days. better than 60. but it's still too many days.

i want to eat chocolate chip cookies. did you get that? plural. cookies. badly. so i settled and had one bite. humpf. now the question is.....can i keep myself out of the bag until they are gone? i put them in the freezer. i'm way less likely to see them if they're in the freezer. out of sight out of mind? lets hope.

now. on to the ice cream. took the boys with me to the store this morning. we needed quite a few things. well....lately the boys have been having an ice cream cone after dinner as their after dinner treat. so today they asked for more ice cream. i let them pick out 1/2 gallon each. but come on. i'm only so strong. right? one picked chocolate. hello! the other? chocolate chip. oh...yeah...we threw in some mint chocolate for good measure and a 1/2 gallon of cookei dough (totally for james). ice cream with vanilla? really not worth eating. so now i have a freezer full of ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. what i need is a padlock. yeah. that MIGHT help.


Stephanie said...

It will take some strong willpower to stay out of all of the yumminess! You can do it!

jenscaleshr said...

I think I can smell all that ice cream way down here in Georgia...

I don't think my willpower is as strong as yours.

Rachael said...

The countdown is getting smaller!!

You have some major willpower girl!! Pass some of that this way!!

Lisa said...

ROFLMBO at the padlock imagery!

Sherine said...

Just eat it!!!! Life is too short not to eat a cookie!

I hate surprises. Drives me insane! Or should I say more insane:)