Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i was feeling artsy.

wanted to scrap all day yesterday. it just didn't happen. and last night (about midnight) i just couldn't take it anymore. sat down and created this. its' messy. it's child-like. it's a reminder for me. it says, 'it's okay to smile. the earth probably won't stop'. was supposed to also have the word 'spinning'. lol... just didn't fit. and i didn't care. that's what art journal pages are for. to have fun. to play. to express yourself with no restraints, no limitations, no boundaries. it was fun. made my heart race. that is such a rush. SUCH a rush.

anyway...i'm off to CHA tomorrow! woot!!! hanging with some great peeps. hope to see so much (CHA and chi-town).....have lots and lots of laughs, some care-free time, some good food and hopefully a starbucks somewhere in there! i'll miss the boys and james terribly. now i must go pack. tonight i absolutely must load up on cuddles, lovies and kisses!!!


Leslie Ashe said...

Have FUN at CHA!! CUTE CUTE artwork girl!! Love it :)

Sherine said...

I love your artwork!!! Maybe I will see you in Chicago! Unless you act like you don't know me ;) THen I will make a bigger scene LOL

Stephanie said...

You go girl!
Enjo CHA!

Rachael said...


Hope you had a blast!! Can't wait to hear about it!!

Shandy said...

girl! it's been WAY too long since I've visited! I've totally enjoyed reading through lots of your previous posts and here are my thoughts :)
1) way cool art journal page
2) ice cream and cookieS are such a weakness of mine too!
3) how incredibly sweet of James to be working on this surprise for 2 years!!! impressive!! and you guys will have a blast! September is almost here!!!
4)I still just think you are so cool and wish I could have made it to CHA to meet you!