Tuesday, September 07, 2010


the other night at about midnight i decided to start painting.
had to get up early the next day but whatev.
i just felt like painting.
so i did.
i painted for a few hours, went to bed and then, of course, couldn't sleep.
because i was jacked up from painting.
should have just stayed up and worked on the painting.
this is it.
in progress.
i have put in the base.
begun the layers.
it's going to be something when i'm done.
it is.
abstract, but recognizable.
i hope.
tomorrow the boys go back to school.
on my agenda?
drop them off at school.
this will be, after all, the first time both of them have been in school all day.
after drop off, off i go with callie to the beach.
for my first official run.
you read that right.
i'm running.
and not from anyone.
just because i want to.
i HATE running.
but i'm going to try and change that.
and see if i can learn to love it.
reading a book about running.
we'll see how it goes.
i'm not all about the exercise.
i mean, i love to walk on the beach.
and do about 4 days a week.
i'm all about the yoga.
i am NOT all about the running.
or did i mention that already.
so tomorrow, you'll find me on the beach about 8:30am.
or, passing the fuck out.
because i ran.
or because i'm so out of shape and ran.
either way, i'm doing it.
and after, when i can breathe again, i'll find my way to a hot cup of coffee.
and to my studio.
where i will begin working.
seriously working.
like with no little boys distracting me.
or fighting.
so who knows.
maybe i'll actually get something done!
would be nice since i have painted about 10 secnds since the boys got out of school three months ago!


katrynka said...

Hope the going back to school went smoothly, and that you got some stuff done!!

As a physical therapist, I gotta tell you- running is hell on your joints. So if you still hate it after you try it again, I say increase your walking- either speed or distance. It will work, and it is much better for your body!

Leah said...

I hate running too...but I do it just the same...I am so proud of you! and hip-hip-hoo-ray for the beginning of school!

Erin D. said...

I used to hate running too... but I MADE myself do it -- every freaking morning -- until I couldn't live without it. It took awhile, but the feeling after you are done, when you know what you have accomplished and you're sweating out all the day's stresses, is worth it. Just a tip: I listened to audiobooks so that I wouldn't notice the pain as much. :)

QuirkyGirl said...

I did this. I went from wanting absolutely nothing to do with anything that didn't feel good to running. Weird part...I found that I loved it. Who Knew???