Sunday, March 28, 2010

the other night.

something happened to me the other night.
a realization.
well, that's not actually totally correct.
i have known this for a while.
just wasn't willing to own it.
or do anything about it.
but now i am just fucking taking it head on.
because that's what needs to be done.
cut the shit.
own it.
if there's somethng you don't like and have the capability to fix, fix it.
man up.
and so it begins. right now.
but fucking-a is it going to suck.
but whatev.
it's gotta be done.
so that's what's happening.
small steps.
a day at a time.
then a week will have gone by.
things have GOT to change.
i can do this. for one week.
then i'll reassess.
figure out what i need to do.
another week?
one day at a frigging time because that is all i can handle.
i have to start somewhere.

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QuirkyGirl said...

Oh Shut Up with your "Unsolicited Advice"! I WANT to read whatever you have to say, Momma! We're invested now you and me. Even though we have never met, over the last year we have shared in each other's lives. Read the private thoughts and feelings over every up and down. I wish everytime I read a new post that we could yak over coffee. I consider you a friend. And my friends can kick me in the ass or tell me what they think whenever they want to. In fact, I depend on y'all to do it.