Wednesday, March 31, 2010

here's the thing that irritates me.

like there's only one thing.
i'm getting pissed off at myself.
for wasting time.
not painting when i have the time.
i.e., when the boys are both in school.
i actually have two and a half hours.
instead of painting i seem to find other 'important' things to do.
so what is it.
what is it that is stopping me from WANTING to paint.
from ACTUALLY doing it.
fuck i need to get my shit together.
in some sort of seriously angry mood.
i know.
it's day 3 on weight watchers.
I. NEED. SUGAR. and CANDY BARS. and COKE. in huge amounts. *sigh*
hope the craving goes away.

1 comment:

mary said...

Hi Kimberly,
I have been meaning to write but I have been in the middle of baby lambs being born.... my ram busted out in November and managed to get almost all of my ewes pregnant in a matter of hours.
I could say something profound but you have already said it.
I can say it has been almost 2 years in my world that Chris has been gone and there are a few days that don't suck.... I am also really into art and have a nice studio set up but can't motivate... So you are not alone in any of this.... I just consider my life a new normal and live from day to day sometimes minute to minute depends.... I think of you often and do read your blog.