Monday, September 29, 2008

living with it.
dealing with it.
kicking its ass.....somedays.
somedays not.


Patrice~ said...

a ginormous kick from me.

make that two.

Shandy said...

hey girl!
It's been fun having you visit my blog and leaving me fun comments :)

spent some time here (at yours) today and I am so impressed by your artwork! (even when you claim to be 0% motivated!) wow! is your house just like your own personal art gallery? I would hope so! they are so "moody" - each one of them portrays such different moods within me! what a talented artist to stir up feelings... way to go!

Clare B said...

Hiya.. have been thinking of you... tried to email - but they are bouncing back... will try again soon.

Lisa said...

What impresses me with this painting is

how small the black hole is

And how large the field of light

You are surrounded by light girl...through people miles away.