Monday, September 01, 2008

the end of summer is near.

painted this in my thailand journal. why pears? and why in my thailand journal? dunno. it was just what inspired me and what came out. and my thailand journal is just what happened to be nearby. and that's the way i work. i think i'll do a painting similar to this on canvas. i like it. i'll use this small piece as inspo for a larger one.

the end of summer really is near. we can no longer ride our bikes until 9 or 9:30. now it's totally dark at 8:30 and we're coming in earlier and earlier. today the high was 71 degrees. two days ago it was 98. tomorrow we're back up to the high 80s on our way back to the mid 90s. even so, the evenings are cool. a hoodie or long pants are needed for playing outside after dinner. this weekend our house has been neighborhood kid-central. kids coming and going, coming in without knocking, running around and staying until we've actually had to 'politely' suggest that they go home so we can get our own kids to bed. as i type this i still have two extra kids downstairs. i'm about to go down and suggest they go home. tomorrow it's back to second grade for E. and he's tired. he's slowly adjusting to his school schedule but E requires a lot of sleep. he's like me in that regard. so it's his bathtime and then a little quality time with dad, brush teeth, story and off to bed.


Patrice~ said...

a pair of pears.

why not pears
in an art journal?

great use of color.
very calming, soothing.

~Amie~ said...

isn't is amazing how all of a sudden it seems that it gets dark earlier?! I tried to go out on a run after the girl went to bed and had to cut it short as dark woods are too spooky for me :)

hope you are well. love the pear painting

Lisa said...

drum roll please...........

She paints!

and the crowd goes wild!!!!

I want to eat those pears. They looks dreamy and delicious and like they would give me magical super powers!

Anonymous said...


They are awesome - the colors are so rich - I just want to reach through the screen and touch them! BEAUTY-FULL!

James said...

Nice pair you got there.