Friday, September 05, 2008

a photo.

trying to take it all in.
trying to live in the moment.
taking deep breaths.
trying to really, truly appreciate where i'm at.
finding a way to deal with stress.
finding a way to make my heart stop pounding with anxiety.
happy to have a normal day with no emergencies or surprises (the bad ones at least).
going to read story to my sick kid.
going to make time to paint this weekend. that's a must.


Lisa said...

Lovely photo

I love how the plant is trailing over your shoulder.

it looks like it's trying to tickle you and make you breathe!

Patrice~ said...

you are so danged CUTE!

one breath at a time.
one step at a time.
one day at a time.

now exhale.

happy (early) birthday.

jenscaleshr said...

you're adorable - do you know that?