Tuesday, March 25, 2008

why i love starbucks.

pic i took on easter. didn't take many pics at all that day but this is one.
today (3.25.08)was a hard day for alexander.
we had his four year well check appointment.
he got....count them......FIVE shots. omg. O.M.G it was hard to watch. after it was all over i took him to starbucks. of course he's a junkie like me. we went to the drive thru that's right by the pediatrician's office. he asked for hot cocoa. i got a non-fat decaf mocha misto, x-hot, no whip. my mom sent me a starbucks card for easter. i gave it to the dude but he somehow threw it away. so there we were....waiting for what seemed like forever (but in reality was probably 6 minutes), and he's periodically sticking his head out the window to explain....he ended up giving us our drinks for free and reloading a new card for me (he never found the old one). it was all good. a free drink? always a good one. lol.... i like that starbucks always takes care of the customer. i fully 100% appreciate that. i still have some of my mocha misto in the fridge for later. go me!


Patrice~ said...

uh, can you say C.U.T.E.??

both of you are picture perfect.

ps: can I get your autographs?

Lisa said...

Woohoo for good customer service...got to love that!

I know a kiddo who calls his hot chocolate a "chocolotta"

LOL...mimicing the adults

jenscaleshr said...

That is a FAB photo! SO CUTE!!

Ain't nothing better than a free Starbucks!