Thursday, March 27, 2008

my long haired boy.

a lot of parents don't like long hair on their kids/won't let them grow it long. me? i don't care. E is who he is and can express himself however he wants (as long as he's not in danger of hurting himself or anyone else and blah blah blah). i dig the long hair. and right now he does too. so it's all good.


Stephanie said...

He is such a cutie!
I haven't fallen off of the Earth. Just been crazy busy. You can catch up with me here~ . Hope you are well!

Patrice~ said...

You know, his hair doesn't look all that long. To me, anyway.
He likes it. You like it.
And conditioner takes care of the tangles.
At least he didn't try to give himself a haircut with a boy scout knife . .

Lisa said...

My younger son LOVES to wear his hair long. Unfortunately his hair can't touch the collar of his shirt for school.

but come summer...HELLO surfer boy!

Rachael said...

He's a handsome guy!!