Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i need more control over my life.

i kind of dig this pic. it's blurry. but i don't care. i think i'll be scrapping it at some point. it kind of has a 'feel' to it and i connect with that. it's like by looking at this pic of myself as an outside separating myself and being helps me to figure things out. if i felt like scrapping at all....or art journaling at all...i'd be all set. but i don't. maybe that's not true. i have been feeling the urge to work in my art journal but the problem is it's always when i can't. it's always when i absolutely can't scrap or be creative. which is the story of my life. i'm pretty damn tired of scrapping only when everyone is asleep. of 'stealing' time to be creative. it sure would be nice just to go scrap WHEN i feel creative. what a concept. i could go steal 15 minutes right now. james has the boys downstairs. but why bother. because in 15 minutes (which is just enough time for me to get all messy and have stuff everywhere)....i'd have to clean up brushes...and myself....and go read story. soon it's beddy-bye time for the boys. and james. who's sick. but by then the creative urge will have passed. so here i sit. not scrapping. not working in my art journal.


Patrice~ said...

wonder why we women do that? hmmm. you know, justify our family's needs or wants before ours . . . anywho, I'm likin' the blur - has a rather 'magic' quality to it. if you know what I mean!

Lisa said...

Honey...I have three words for you.

Mothers Morning Out

Go now...let our fingers do the walking through the net....they shoudl be at any of your neighborhood churches.

It will give you three to five hours a day, two days out of the week.

You can use the time to focus on your art or sleep or get your nails done or contemplate your belly button. need it, the kids need it. james needs it.

Happy mommy equals happy family.

Rachael said...

I can so sympathize with you!! The urge always strikes when it can't be acted upon! Ugh!!

I like that pic too!! They don't always need to be perfect!