Thursday, August 12, 2010

work in progress.

this week i have been preparing.
preparing to get on a plane.
to go back.
back to the place that holds so many memories for us.
part of me, doing right by the boys, and james....
is taking the boys to see his mom.
and his sister.
and her kids.
going back is NOT something i want to do.
but i'm doing it.
because it's the right thing to do for the boys.
because if it had gone the other way, and i had been the one that died, i would want james to do the same for me.
worked on this painting last night.
it made me focus.
THAT is a fucking amazing part about painting.
how once you start, and are focused......
IF you can get focused.....
once that happens....
you CAN.
you do.
just that.
you paint.
and breathe.
listen to music.
and just be.
while you create something.
something that comes from inside you.
still not done.
but the tone has changed.
another layer has been added.
it's deeper.
it was nice to paint last night.
i needed it.


SaraReno said...

Loving the progress. There's a whole new depth to it now and it's taking on the emotion that is so great in your paintings.

Let me know if you'll have any time for coffee while you're down here. I'd love to see you.

QuirkyGirl said...

Shuuut up! Too preachy. Woman, have you forgot who you were talkin to? We don't censor, you and me. Say what ever you feel at the time. I can roll with it.

Thanks for the encouragement. It was nice to be reminded that we're gonna screw it up someway. We just have to do the best we can.

I hope the trip doesn't prove too much for you or the boys.

Leah said...

you rock...that's all I'm sayin'.