Monday, August 23, 2010

from time to time.

i want to melt into strong arms.
to not know where they end and i begin.
to surrender myself.
and just admit that i do want that.
from time to time.
no matter how hard i have tried to fight it and say that i don't.
it is SO fucking hard to admit that.
why is that i wonder.
i don't think wanting to be cared for....
comforted....makes me any less of a strong person.
but maybe it does.
took this phot with my iPhone 8.15.10.
first part of our trip was spent with my family in california.
it was good. hot, but good. you undestand i HATE hot hot hot weather.
went from 60s (in astoria) to the 100's (or damn close to it).
and that, my friends, to way too fucking hot for me.
i ended up spending a fair amount of time alone on this trip.
not alone as in gee, i don't have the boys with me and i should be doing something great.
alone as in the peeps i was staying with went to bed.
very early.
and i couldn't sleep.
OR....the peeps i was with wanted to go to loud places.
or shopping.
and i didn't.
loud places and shopping are so not my thing.
so i hung out by myself until they were done.
going away made me realize that i do, in fact, consider astoria home.
all i wanted to do was go home.
i felt homesick.
for james, i think.
AND my home/life in astoria.
i really, really really wanted to go 'home'.
the second half of the trip was spent where we used to live.
turned out to be hard to go back.
part of the reason is, a friend of mine *deep breath* felt it would be good for the boys to visit our old house.
i emphatically stated before we even left that i didn't want that.
but it happened.
against my wishes.
when i found out what was going on i, of course, felt i had to go.
i wanted to be there to answer any of the boys' questions.
to support them emotionally......these little boys equate our old house to their father.
it's where he got up one day, showered, got dressed and drove away to work.
but then never came back.
i felt, and at this point in time, i still think i made the right decision, not to take the boys to see james in the hospital.
i didn't want them to see him hooked up to machines, tubes, everywhere....
to see his non-responding eyes.
the smells.
the sounds.
it was NOT a place for children.
i wanted them to remember their father as the strong, vibrant man he was.
the new owners graciously showed us every room.
even the back yard and garage.
alexander just wanted to swing on his old playset.
ethan wanted to know if his room had been painted.
i painted it blue and he wanted to make sure it was STILL blue.
i was doing fine.
no emotion (that i was showing on the outside).
UNTIL....the new owner walked us into my old bedroom and bathroom.
it was there i could see, plain as day...james standing in front of the mirror...shaving, brushing his teeth, taking his meds....
and i had to get out.
i HAD to get out.
i kept it together and got the boys back to my friend's house and inside.
and then i sat in the garage.
and cried.
after 10 or so minutes i got my shit together, went in and was back and present with the boys.
my friend and i had words over this.
as their mother, i felt it was MY decision whether or not the boys went over to the old house.
that was taken away from me.
the act was not malicious.
it was done with thoughts that going back would provide some sort of closure for us.
what my friend didn't understand is......
it's just a house.
to me, anyway.
to the boys, it was more.
i get that.
and i would have taken them if THEY had asked.
the day i moved to astoria.....
the day i drove away.....
THAT was closure for me.
i never intended to set foot back in that house again.
didn't want to.
didn't need to.
turns out, i did anyway.
my friend apologized.
we moved on.
before dinner with james' mom (major reason for this trip was to keep the connection between the boys and james' family).....
my friend and i took a little detour.
i wanted a little something done.
a new piercing....
turns out so did about 15 other peeps.
the line was incredible.
so we left.
alexander, kyler, ethan, sawyer and riley.
kyler, sawyer and riley are my nephews.
they are my brother and christine's boys.
when we moved i promised the boys they would still see their cousins.
i have kept my promise.
one of the hardest parts of moving the boys has been how far away we now are from these boys (and their parents).
alexander and kyler have a special bond.
ethan, sawyer and riley do too.
sawyer and riley are twins and are very close to ethan's age.
kyler looks after alexander (being the youngest).
it's the sweetest thing ever.
i miss these boys.
the 'first time' going back is over.
won't be rushing back anytime soon.
i know, eventually, i will have to go back.
so the boys can see james' family.
i'll deal with that when the time comes.
for now i am just more than happy to be back in astoria.


Anonymous said...

You had one hell of a journey back to Reno. Good for you to be able to go there in the first place. Your MIL could have come out to Astoria, but you were the better person and took the boys back to Reno. This is that strength and resilience that is such a part of you.
I am glad you made amends with your friend that took you back to the old house. What a horrible situation to be put into, especially with the boys along. There are many times when revisiting the past is not helpful. You are right, it MUST be YOUR decision, not your friend's decision.

Your photo shows a glimmer of a happiness, something appears to be more peaceful, a sense of being is in the picture. Your smile reminds me of paintings where you can see someone reacting to an event just beyond our view, and that is part of what makes the picture so good. You also look tan and healthy. How the hell do you get tan in Astoria? LOL

I second you on the heat. We chose not to go to Calif this summer. The 100 plus degree days stink. I want cooler ocean breezes and time to kick back.

May the journey back to Astoria be peaceful and give you a sense of returning to HOME.


QuirkyGirl said...

Love the pic. It's warm and well Momma I'm gonna just say it...You're one hot cookie! Keep wearin that white tank and you're gonna get cat called, Honey!!! My baby bro (you know the DOUCHEBAG!) use to get PISSED when my mom got whistled at. One time @ 9 he chased a guy through the parking lot waving a 9 iron. It's a long running joke. Boys are crazy jealous about there mommas. Careful. You have 2!!! lol

Somebody said you can never go home again. There have been times I've wished that were true. Other times I've screamed THANK GOD! Mostly I think 'home' just changes what it looks like. Where ever you are...that's the boys home. You've found home in Astoria. The other places...that's just where the people you were born into live. I think 'family' is like 'home'...its who and where YOU say.

I'll tell you a secret before it hits the blog. If you wanna comment send it to the email though please. B and I are getting married (Chessy I've turned into a girl grin). He hasn't "officially" asked me as he's designing the ring and wants to "do it right" i.e ask my dad, talk to the girls, etc. But we've already started talking dates and such. Kimberly, I didn't know I could be this happy again.

(did you notice the over abudance of "" I used???)