Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my hair is getting damn long.

it's weird to me, to be wearing a fleece jacket, in august.
trips me out.
i love living in astoria.
sometimes, a friend will say something, without malicious intent.
something that strikes a chord with them.....
they in turn, share that thought with you.
the problem for me is, though....
sometimes those shared thoughts and observations.....
they stick with me.
even when i don't want them to.
they focus on the ONE negative aspect of something or someone you hold important.
i don't think they 'mean' to.
it comes from a place i have been.
and maybe am still in.
a place of negativity.
i need to be understanding.
my initial reaction is to pull away.
and keep to myself.
stop sharing.....anything.
this observation that was shared with me....
it came from a place of judgment.
that, i don't appreciate.
but, like i said, i am trying to come from a place of understanding.
and just let it go.


Carrie K said...

youre hot ;) love the jacket and scarf look! someday i will put my feet in your ocean! love you!!

QuirkyGirl said...

Was said comment made during your trip back to where you started? (I can't call it 'home'. Only you can say where your 'home' is.)

I'm a bit distressed over said comment. I don't know why exactly except that everything seems to lead me into diress lately.