Tuesday, May 04, 2010

*some* of the best things.

painting i finished today.
love the perspective on this one.
the colors are dramatic.
i like that too.
some of the best things:
listening to it rain as i fall asleep.
taking a chance, believing in myself.....and painting.
not giving a fuck and speaking my mind when i am pissed.
hot hot hot coffee.
it seems to be therapeutic to me.
singing and grooving to tunes as i paint in my studio.
being so in to *that* moment.
feeling the music. inside.
letting it move my body. on the outside.
not thinking.
just painting.
walking away from a painting and coming back to it later.
with fresh eyes.
SO helpful.
jammin in my car as i drive.
being held by a man.
feeling his warm body and arms around me.


QuirkyGirl said...

I've missed you, Momma. But I've been on radio silence lately too.

Carrie K said...

hot mama!!!! its so so great to have you back!!

your water paintings make my brain explode...in a perfectly awesome way!! i need to own one!!

love you to pieces miss thang :)

Leah said...

love.love that painting! and I hear some of the "old" kimberly in your words...love.love that too!