Sunday, May 16, 2010

things on my mind.

i have sat, and typed.
a few times in the last week.
then deleted everything.
currently filled with self-doubt.
working through it.
i saw a painting today.
a beautiful, raw, visceral painting.
an artist i have discovered.
with whom i am currently obsessed.
made me long to paint.
to really, truly create.
with feeling.
strong emotion.
if i could truly channel half of what i feel on the inside into my art.....
that would be amazing.
most of what i feel remains on the inside.
rarely shown on the outside.
my weekend was good.
but surreal.
filled with some of what i have been longing for.
yet at the same time soooo overwhelming.
i have felt disconnected today.
like i am living someone else's life, not my own.
and hard to explain.

1 comment:

QuirkyGirl said...

Sorry I''ve kinda dropped out lately. there's almost too much on my mind. I'll be back soon...but i was glad to see you wrote a few lines...wish you didn't feel disconnect but they're your feelings and those are valid.