Tuesday, May 25, 2010

two paintings in two days.

another abstract piece.
the black is bold.
yes strong and powerful are different.
i love being alone.
having time to think.
to just, be.
to let your mind wander where it will.
this painting represents strength.
WANTING to be alone.
as a way to help replenish your soul.
to help clear your mind.
to try to find balance.
i will, i am sure, do a painting (maybe soon) which represents loneliness.
i have experienced a lot of that over the last year and a half.
not sure if i will stay in the yellow/black yellow/black/white theme...or if i will move on to different colors.
i really do love yellow and black together.
i love my studio.
it rains a lot here.
when i paint, i often paint with my windows open while the rain gently falls.
it's nice.
i like this painting.
it really does shout out strength and solitude (that which you crave/want/need).
not that by which you are forced into.
because your husband died.
and you are lonely.
loving abstract.
love love loving it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there...it's me, the nutty professor Bonnie that sends you emails meant for my students! Hope you remember or this note will be crazy. ;) These paintings are AMAZING and they speak to my heart. I am the proud owner of one of your paintings so please do let me know when more will be offered for "adoption" by special parents. :) I send you love and so many blessings...you are such a beautiful soul.