Monday, October 19, 2009

when you have a hangover, do not go to DMV.

been spending way more time at the beach than i should.
mostly to keep my sanity.
took callie (the dog) for her first time ever to the ocean this weekend.
she loved it.
the boys and i went for a long-ass walk on the beach on sunday.
callie came too.
nice break in the weather.
sundress over long sleeves, over jeans.
no jacket required.
been trying for days to go to DMV to take my test so i can get my oregon driver's license and register my car.
today was not the day for that.
do NOT go to DMV to try to get your license when you have a hangover. just sayin.
woke up this morning (after not much sleep) and wasn't sure if i was still drunk or just mother fucking tired with a hangover.
spent some time with dale this morning.
he's the handyman that comes with the rental house.
that was nice.
he is now 'my' handyman (when we move into the new house) he will come and do whatever i need him to. mind is apparently in the gutter because that sounded dirty to me. ;-) okay...clearly i need to go to bed!!
talked to jan yesterday. a few times.
and today.
nice. and needed.
without her in my daily life i feel a huge void.
and that just sucks.
we are both having a hard time adjusting to not being close to each other.
it felt semi-normal talking to her today. like we weren't so far apart.
i need more of that.
going to be teaching a one hour art lesson in alexander's class once a week from now on.
should be interesting.
getting my shit together to start this week.
it's been so long since i taught i hope i can get it together.


Marieke said...

Woot on the art class! Go you! Way to go. And way to get your name known about town. You know, for commissioned work and stuff. Life is on the up and up for you. It has to be. Ha!
Excellent having a man handy, man on hand, handy man handy..., or whatever. Oh good god that sounds even dirtier. I think I should get one myself. *snort. Cheers babe, my drop of choice tonight is rum and coke. Working on my 2nd and a bit left in the coke can so will no doubt have 3rd. Bet I can't sleep now after all that caffeine...Cheers!

QuirkyGirl said...

Glad to read you today. I've missed you.


Leah said...

yay for you teaching some small peeps art...they are going to love you!! and the little ones are much easier than the big ones! good luck!