Tuesday, October 20, 2009

things i've noticed.

this is jason. my builder. he will also be my neighbor. see that house up in the top right corner? that's his house. i love jason's demeanor. he is chill. easy-going. he used to own a boat and crab fish. nice. i dig that shit. boats, any dude with a boat.....fishermen...,pretty much any fucken dude in the coast guard....don't know why i just eat that shit up.

spent about an hour with jason today up at the house. made some decisions about windows and other exterior wall issues. made some changes to the flooring downstairs. it was totally effin cool to see what they've done to the house in the last couple of days. when i go back tomorrow at 11am (another meeting with jason), the entire second level should have been framed. right fucken on.

i have noticed:
there are some huge ass spiders here. ICK. i hate spiders.
the principal of E's school stands outside EVERY SINGLE MORNING and greets the kids as they come off the buses and/or are dropped off by their parents. that's way cool. a principal that actually knows the kids, and they know him. concept. wasn't that way in reno.
coffee is big here. everyone drinks coffee! and not just in the morning but all fucken day long. guess i'll fit right in here.
it smells so good here. i want to fully appreciate that every fucking time i go outside. i never want to take that for granted.

the beach where the shipwreck is.....at first i wasn't that crazy about that beach. now? can't fucking get enough of it. i love it. still think i like the other beach in long beach (i think it's long beach)....it has so much character. but the shipwreck beach...i like it too.

getting ready to teach my first art lesson on thursday. holy crap. other than planning the occasional lame-o school party, i haven't 'officially' been in the classroom for 8 years now!! did i mention kindergarteners have the attention spans of ants? yeah. should be interesting. fun, i'm sure. but i'm not even sure, exactly, why i've been asked to do this. if i can get one kid to express himself/herself, to 'click' in some way with art....to remember something, ANYTHING about art in kindergarten, that will rock my world. i really really really want to touch these kids.....help them learn just one thing. all it takes is ONE thing to stick with them for a lifetime.


QuirkyGirl said...

That one kid in Kindergarten? That was my kid. Granted, my dad is an abstract artist so maybe that helped grab Em's attention that direction. Who knows. Point is: She's a hellvan artiste. And she's only 12. She's been at it since right about age 5.

I think it's bitchin' you're going to go and share with these kids. Who knows, Mama, you may get inspired yourself. I'm often amazed at how much I learn from kids. Maybe they might teach you too.

Anyway, happy 5-year old doodlings. It'll be wicked fun (you can drink when you get back home ;)

Anonymous said...

I swear that Oregon spiders must take steroids! We keep a 'bug gun' around. It is one of those plastic kid toys that sucks a spider safely into a chamber. I then have my kid take the chamber outside and release the spider. He thinks this rocks!

The house is sounding cool! As is the beach. Rock on!

Eva in Eugene

Anonymous said...

I really need to visit you. Astoria. All of it. It sounds so wonderful.

You are awesome too.

Leah said...

I want to visit too! and walk on the beach...and take art lessons from you...ahhhh...sounds like heaven!