Thursday, February 07, 2008

some of this and some of that.

shopping for a new vacuum. our current one is so loud alexander runs and hides. my ears hurt...almost to the point i can't hear for a while after i'm done. it's sad.

i made myself work out today. even though i really really really did not want to. know how i motivated myself? i said, "this is what distinguishes those that really want to lose weight and those that just want to talk about losing weight." and i got my ass on that machine. and it sucked. but i did it. i have been so so so so so so tired the last three days. like falling asleep on my feet tired. even been going to bed earlier than normal. not much, but some. it's a start.

think alexander is getting sick again. poor little muffin. he seems to get hit by every cold that comes within a 100 foot radius.

we'll see how ethan is today. the last two nights he's had to go to bed early for bad behavior. hoping today is better.

making quesadillas for dinner. with guacamole. i'm having fat free tortillas and fat free cheese. yum. yeah....not so much. but i will splurge and have some guacamole (avocadoes, while good for you are not good in the points dept).

it's windy and sucky outside. ick. so glad i put gas in my car yesterday so i'm not out in the wind doing it today.

spent all freaking morning shopping for groceries. many of which are still sitting on the counter. yeah. i should get on that. i've got 20 minutes until alexander gets up at which time we have to go pick up E.


Stephanie said...

Hey girl! You've been tagged! Check out my blog for the info!

Rachael said...

May I suggest the Dyson? :) I've had mine for almost 4 years and LOVE it!!!! So worth the bucks!!

Yay for you on working out!! I think I need to remember you saying that so I can listen!! I have slacked badly and haven't gone in about a month!! UGH!!!

I hope Alexander's sickies fly through fast!! Poor guy!!

Mmm, supper sounds yum!!! Do you have a special way to make them?

I don't particularly care for grocery shopping either!! The shopping part isn't so bad, it is the dreaded putting away, oh, and the bill!! LOL

Have a great weekend, girlfriend!!!

Lisa said... shopping is really becoming a pain for me these days. The sticker shock at the checkout line is enough to make me FAINT!

Hope your week-end is better!