Wednesday, February 20, 2008

did this today.

don't let others define you. do not compare yourself to others. stand alone. believe in yourself. even when you question your artistic abilities. what you are searching for will not be found externally. it must come from within.
this is not my original art idea. it's my original art, but i was inspired by an itty bitty avatar on 2 peas (don't even know whose it was) that looked something like long green stems and flowers. i saw the avatar, liked it (a lot) then went immediately to my table and painted/made this art journal page. so i have no idea what it was exactly i was inspired by. a painting? a photograph? no clue. but thank you whomever you are and whatever it was. sat down and whipped this out. in about 5 minutes. i freaking love it when inspo hits and you can rock it out. part of the pleasure of this page was i didn't care exactly how it turned out. it just happened. without me fretting over any of it. i just did it. that, my friends, is pure.
note: it's not as white as it looks here. i painted off-white paint onto white cardstock but none of the white shows through. so it's red/orange flowers on off-white background. ~sigh~ looks so much better IRL.


Leslie Ashe said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi pretty lady! Your art is gorgeous. I LOVE everything you wrote. :) you rock and I miss you bunches!

Lisa said...

Holoey guacamoley chick...this is stunning! It looks like something you'd see in an art gallery and you need an agent....stop laughing. I'm serious.

Rachael said...

This just leaves me speechless!! It is so fab!!!

Wendy Reed said...

It's fantastic!!! Love your entry today.