Wednesday, February 27, 2008

art journal page. journaling: moments of clarity. to have purpose. to feel passionate about something. 2.26.08

this original piece was done by henri matisse in 1906. i love matisse and when i saw this...well...once something gets inside my mind, i need to paint it to get it out. so this is my rendition of matisse's 'flowers in pitcher.' and now i can create something else.

i seem to be drawn to painting right now more than journaling more than scrapping. and that's okay. i'm good with that.


Patrice~ said...

stil love this.
how 'bout that SG thing??

Lisa said...

Matise...ah...he challenges me. And inspires me!

Personally I would LOVE to see more art journal stuff from you.

It's obviously where your passion lies and there's no reason you can't combine both!