Monday, February 04, 2008

i have a lot to say.

but none of which i will say.
because i'm in a mood. lol.... i'm disgruntled. good damn thing i don't work for the post office.
i will say this:
i feel like eating ice cream. but i won't. i would hate to ruin that 40 minutes of sheer torture on the machine. did i mention i hate exercise?
now i'm going to watch deadliest catch. i dig that show. gotta love netflix.
still waiting for the rest of big love. i dig that show too.


jenscaleshr said...

I never seem to have the good channels at the right time when those good shows are on. I missed Sex in the City for the same reason. Damn.

I'm sorry you're disgruntled. Wanna come and cruise with me?


Stephanie said...

Hey you! Sorry you are not feeling so well! Hope you are feeling happier soon!

Lisa said...

Hey...I'm proud of you for reaching for the NetFlix as opposed to the ice cream.

I would have picked ice cream...maybe!