Monday, February 26, 2007

mommy, i have a treat for you! words scare the crap out of me!!!!!!! lol.. i was in the kitchen and E comes running downstairs (he's naked because he's getitng ready to take a bath). i was making hot cocoa for james and the boys (we had just gone sledding)...check out the E says to me, "Mommy, i have a treat for ya!" so i say, "you do, what is it?" he turns around and wiggles his butt at me and says, "It's some butt." seriously. this is SO my child. lol...

so today we've received oh...a foot, well more like 15 inches of snow (so far and it's still coming down). and dudes. it's the END of february!! of course it fits right in with how it works around here. t ball has started. so of course it should snow. james is outside shoveling the driveway (it's about 8:30 pm) and the boys are playing in the snow. they holler for me to come outside. i'm wearing my jams so i grab my boots, a hat, some gloves and my fleece and go outside. james decided we should sled. so we did. it was SO much fun! i hauled some serious ass down the hill! omg....i ate so much snow and was seriously covered when i got to the bottom. i actually thought i was going to jump the path and continue on down the second hill!!!!!!!! it was a blast!!! of course i made james go first (to make sure i wasn't going to die). he didn't. so i got on. so much fun!


Jupitormoon said...

Sledding!! I love sledding! And you make it so stylish in your pj's. *wink*wink*

JenSmack said...

Your kids and my kids would get along great! LOL!

Love the snowy pics! You look so super-cute!