Saturday, February 24, 2007

350 pics (give or take).

on our trip to mendocino i took about 350 pictures. seriously. i love to just watch my kids camera ready. like seriously up to my eye ready. at least for a few minutes. then i join in the fun myself. i love capturing the boys doing whatever it is they are doing (or not doing). now i have so many yummy, fun, quirky pictures to choose from. here are just a couple. and yes. i realize the pic of alexander is blurry. but i don't care. i love it.

got my brows waxed today. i have this to say about that. OUCH. after that went and got a massage. it's been i don't know, four or five years since i've had a massage. it was good. i'm not really fond of strangers touching me but it felt good to have someone rub my shoulders and back. because they hurt. a lot. and my wrist too. so thank you james (that was his anniversary gift to a year ago). and yeah...i'm just now using it. what can i say.

not really sure if i'm digging my 'oh i'm so surprised' eyebrows. yes, i wanted them more under control. may have gone a little overboard.

i say this to myself each night before i go to sleep.
good things are going to happen.
stay positive.
be strong.
i'm trying really hard to change my way way bad frame of mind (of late).

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