Saturday, February 03, 2007

okay. change of plans.

kathryn and mike are joining us on our quick weekend getaway. WOOT! it's going to be a blast! now we're leaving friday instead of saturday. suits me. i get to go to the ocean one day sooner. i couldn't be happier. i changed the reservations. now we just need to decide whether to leave early am or wait and let E go to school on friday and leave at noon when he gets out.

i will be taking a ton of pics. a ton. seriously. and maybe i can find 5 minutes to sneak off and just sit by myself. sometimes i need to let out a little emotion. and prefer to do it without an audience. five more sleeps and we'll be leaving.

the two nights three days we are there will fly by. but maybe i won't have to wait almost three years between trips. yes. last time we went alexander was six months old. it will be a different trip this time.....alexander is such an amazing little boy. he's going to love it. both my kids love the ocean. just like their mom. and i love that we share that. i'm trying hard to convince E to become a marine biologist. that way whenever i go to see him (when he's all grown up) he'll need to live by the ocean. yup. that's my plan. lol...

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