Wednesday, April 07, 2010

smells i love.

the smell of paint.
there is nothing like it.
coffee brewing.
bread baking.
bacon cooking.
my children after a shower.
before a shower?? not so much.
the ocean.
the smell of familiarity.
yes. there IS such a thing.
the way a man smells.
ties in to the familiarity thing.
his own distinct smell.
remnants of him on his clothes.
on you.
i notice time and time again how good it smells here.
i never ever want to take that for granted.
finished this painting today.
when i get my shit together, i will again open my etsy shop.
until then i will paint.
push myself.
remain focused.
i actually like this painting.
full of texture.
it is very me.
very my style.
this painting, and 3 boats will be among the pieces that go into my shop.
WHEN i'm ready.
not quite there yet.
who knows how long it will be.
but i am trying.
trying hard to get my shit together.
i am excited to see improvement in my work.
very excited.
may work on some smaller pieces (for variety) next.
if i can get closer to my groove.....
closer to really really really wanting to paint.
instead of still having to force myself.....
that would be really nice.


QuirkyGirl said...

There are times I read your blog and think "Did I write this?" Seriously! Someday we are gonna HAVE to figure a way to have a mocha 'as hot as you can fucking make it!'

Leah said... the paintings! you rock my friend! ahhhh...smells...nothing like them!