Saturday, December 19, 2009

an art journal page.

i haven't art journaled in 3 years.
until today.
took this photo with my iPhone in october.
i look like shit.
and it was shocking to me when i saw the photo.
i have admittedly abused my body over the last year.
not sleeping.
not eating right.
not eating at all.
or eating nothing but candy bars and drinking coke.
or the months that i drank red bull hardcore.
drinking more alcohol than i ever have before.
and the other things i've done.
that i don't care to mention.
i still abuse my body.
on a daily basis.
i am aware of it.
it doesn't seem to be something i can stop.
i know it's part of me dealing with james' death.
it's part of my i don't give a fuck attitude.
if it weren't for the boys i would have done way stupider things than just what i've done.
but i always remember.
i told james i would care for our boys.
raise them the way we intended.
it was nice to art journal.
page happened in 5 minutes.
it practically did itself.
wonder how long it will be before i art journal again.


Leah said...

yay! for you! I love to see that you created this...and it is the same old fabulousness...I've missed seeing your work!
love you much!

Anonymous said...

Love that art journal page.

QuirkyGirl said...

Merry Christmas, my across the blog-o-verse soul sistah. Weird thing is that I have only one thing I want to say as it seems to convey it best, and I somehow know you'll just GET it.

Keep On Rockin' In The Free World

Sometimes Neil Young just says it best.

~Amie~ said...

love to see some art journal action from you kimberly! sending you hugs and love!

Bonnie said...

Hi Kimberly. I don't know if you will remember me but I am the proud owner of your Pears artwork! So much to say but little space so I will wish you a very Merry Christmas and to your beautiful boys. You are such an inspiration and encourage me to be more of me! Thank you and keep on moving toward your is calling you. You are beyond amazing in so many ways. Lots of love, Bonnie

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