Sunday, December 14, 2008

i think this was the beginning of the end.

this will be a no photo post. i don't like no photo posts....but i just wanted to write about something i've been thinking a lot about. here's an entry i made from march 19, 2007:

i'm pretty sure today has been the longest day of my life. at least in recent history. actually for the past few weeks my days have been full of long days. but today was....almost other worldly. surreal. but now i am home. the boys are tucked in safe. they have their mommy back. grandma is back at home. isn't it strange how one day can feel like a week? or longer? i swear....the day isn't even quite over yet it feels like it happened a lifetime ago. and so it is done. the end of indecision.the decision has been made. it is the end of indecision and the beginning of living with the consequences, hoping the right choice has been made. because there is no going has just been the most incredibly difficult day. you can't even imagine. while you can be a couple with someone, no matter what you are going through you ultimately end up going through it alone. at some point you are separated. come back together after it's done...but for that are alone. one of you here and the other of you there. one experiencing one side and the other the other. each alone. did i mention that today has absolutely been one of the most suckiest horrible days of my life? well it was. and god how i tried to keep it away from the boys. to not let this touch them absolutely any more than it had to.our lives have been forever changed today. for better? for worse? what more is to come our way? i don't even want to think about it. not today. i just can't. i have never in my life ever felt so alone as i did today. i am independent. i do not like relying on anyone for anything. well...except for james for technical stuff. but come on. it's technical stuff and i suck at it. but for everything else? i am self-reliant. i've just had to become that. but sometimes i feel like it would be nice to have people there to help support me. i am sure to someone who doesn't really know me this post may seem dramatic. even cryptic. yes something is clearly happening here. and i'm not saying what. i'm just trying to work through all the craziness. to sort it out. it's hard.ever wonder if you're strong enough for a situation? well if you ask me, there is no way to know until you're actually in a particular situation. you deal with what comes. when it's happening you do what you have to to get through it. you feel so much isolation, loneliness, helplessness, and many more emotions. you struggle to find your way out of the drowning sea of all that is coming at you. and you do. one way or the other you do. you have to.i should be in bed. i am truly exhausted. i have never felt my body shake like i did today. seriously. and to know that it may not be over. but hoping that for least for now....that it is. so that we have time to regroup before being hit with anything else.i couldn't wait to get home and just hold my boys. i needed them tonight. and they needed me. they had a rough day too.

this post was about the day james had a defibrilator implanted into his chest. it was set to go off if his heart rate went above 220 bpm and sustained at that rate. james' doctors feared he might die from 'sudden death' which is when your heart starts racing (he had an enlaged heart and electrical problems...arrythmia....taccychardia). james made the decision (after thinking about it for three years) to have the defibrilator implanted ONLY for his boys' sake. he wanted to be here for them. turns out it didn't help him one bit. it never went off. well....that may not be true. it may have gone off when his heart stopped while he was in the ER, that was never confirmed to me. but when you have a defibrilator, the doctors put a magnet on it while they are working on you so they don't get shocked (the magnet stops it from going off). but after all that he went through, the defibrilator in on way saved his life. or prolonged his life. or benefitted him in any way. what it did do was make james more self-conscious about the lump (you could see it under his skin if you knew what you were looking for). it made him change the way he lived his life. always in fear of the effing thing going off. it was set to beep before it shocked him. and sometimes we would hear strange noises...both look at each other...then look at his chest wondering if he was about to get shocked.

the reason i was cryptic in my post about that day was because james didn't want anyone to know about the unit. and i needed to get it out. so i did, but without actually saying what had happened that day.

and i think that was the beginning of the end. i look back on that day, and what transpired after that day....and i wonder. i wonder if we made the right decision. i still think about james so so so much every single day. now that i am alone (the boys are in bed), the house is's when i miss him the most.


Patrice~ said...

you are so loved, Kimberly.

Lynette said...

I love you too Kimberly!!!

L said...

Hugs & Lots of love to you! Lynn

Lisa said...

Looking back, things can seem clear
or what we think is clear
But nothing is that simple.
And the beginning of the end as you call it, may just have been another step in the life you and James chose to live for your boys and for each other.
I'm holding you in my heart
And that may sound kind of weird and "new age"

But what it means for ME is that I SEE you wrapped in my big ole Southern gal style hug and tagging along
with my daily thoughts.

You are never far from the ones who care for you most.

Kari said...

It's amazing the clarity that comes with hindsight. May you find peace in there somewhere and know that you were loved. And you are loved, still.

jensmack said...

I remember that post, Kimberly. Its hard to think back to those times, I know... I have memories of my Mom like that & it sucks. Time heals. I hate that saying, but its true. It sucks while its happening though. Ugh.

I need a margarita. Care to join me?

Shandy said...

Hi Kimberly...
I've just spent the last little bit reading all your latest entries (and checking out all of your sold items in your etsy shop - wow! you are so very talented when it comes to the paiting! and so thrilled for you that they were so well received :) hooray!
and had to giggle about E and his "girlfriend" hehehehe - that's cute!
and regarding this post you made - just sending you big hugs to help comfort you in your times of need...

Anonymous said...

HInd sight is one of those things- when we can see clearer than at the time. Please be careful about second-guessing yourself. There are so many 'ifs' and 'what if we did not' situations. What if James did not have the surgery and died after deciding the big NO? Your pain is so deep, so tied to your soul. This pain is so real, so evident in your posts. Many of us wish we could help you with the load you must carry- the pain, the fear of the uncertain future, the having to do it without your life partner, your soulmate.

I am so glad you have your blog- when you have to be the strong one for your boys you need an outlet, a way to share the pain, an opportunity to let off steam so you can focus on the boys AND YOURSELF.

A friend I grew up with from Kindergarten onward lost her husband two years ago to a sudden bout with cancer. She is a quiet person who suddenly found herself raising two young children herself. She connected up with a group that of younger people who had just experienced similar losses. What she gained from that was being able to really talk to others who truly understood the pain, the overwhelming sense of suddenly searching for insurance, jobs, new homes, paperwork, etc.

You are in our hearts, Kimberly, be strong and we in the bloggesphere will be strong around you!