Monday, January 07, 2008

this is what we did yesterday morning.

alexander and rachel on their way down, E on his way back up.
a perfect sunny day. what better way to spend your morning? meet up with neighbors and sled. nothing better.

E taking the penguin way down.

it became known as the body bag. 'nuff said. wait. not 'nuff said. who was it that talked me into going down on a garbage bag instead of an actual sled??? thanks jan. yes, that's me flying by alexander and his little friend juliette.

okay.....whatever....i wanted to upload a pic of james speeding down the hill but blogger refuses to let me add one more photo! and i need to go do other things now. >insert truly pissed off glare here<


Lisa said...


I want to see you flying down on a trash bag on your butt....wheeeee!!!

Post more today!

Oh and I love your new banner!

jenscaleshr said...

That looks like SO. MUCH. FUN!!