Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i wish i liked exercise.

but the cold hard truth of the matter? i just don't. i hate it. unless you count me riding E's scooter in the summer while he's on his bike exercise. then i think it's okay. i need to figure out some kind of exercise regime. so today i got on the machine. i stayed on for one minute longer than i said i would. hey. i just told you i hate exercise. but i did it. i did what i said i was going to do. tomorrow i'll stay on for two minutes longer.

i've heard you're supposed to feel great after a workout. um. so not true. i'm still as tired as i was before i started. oh. i see. i'm supposed to exercise for more than 1 day? what the hell.

i jammed out to some tunes on my iPod. helped make it bearable. i won't think about doing it again tomorrow..........until tomorrow. maybe that way i'll actually do it again tomorrow.

i wish little oliver could still go on puppy walks with me. i miss our daily puppy walk. at least during the summer oliver can walk to the mailbox with me, he can hang out in the front yard some and take itty bitty puppy walks. i'm looking forward to that this summer.


Lisa said...


If you call it exercise. it sucketh much.

If it is play? Then dang skippy you don't have to think twice about throwing yourself into the fray. WOOHAAA!

That's the problem as I see it.

Too much Shoulda

Not enough WOOHAAA

Leslie Ashe said...

I'm with you. I hateth it. HATETH.
Just wanted to say HI!!!

jenscaleshr said...

so I'm guessing that using the remote to change channels isn't quite exercise...


Rachael said...

I don't mind it while I'm doing it, it's just getting myself to get there that is the problem!!! I always feel so good afterwards!