Tuesday, January 15, 2008

playing with my new cam.

i was at a stoplight and the message on the billboard caught my eye: you have enough to worry about.
after i dropped E off at school today i actually drove around looking for cool photo op spots. these are just a couple of what i found.

oh come on. if you were four you'd wear snow boots with your shorts and short sleeved shirt too. wouldn't you.

something about this one....i just like it.


Lisa said...

Okay...now you have inspired me to go play. And I would SO totally wear boots with shorts. Because I'm a rebel wannabe..uh huh...that's me

jenscaleshr said...

Love the photo ops! You have a great eye!

Boots and shorts are totally wearable. I think I have those boots/short combo pics of my Mackie. Maybe they're soulmates?

Stephanie said...

Love the billboard! Hope you are well~

Leslie Ashe said...

OHHHH cool billboard!! Love your pics! Miss you! :)

Rachael said...

Wow, what wonderful pics!!!! Love 'em!!!

Totally lovin' the billboard!