Friday, October 12, 2007

some scrappies.

made this LO for galblog. it's scrapgal's design inspiration blog. new posts every M, W and F. check it out, yo.

made this page on wednesday (10.10). it's messy, lots of paint and ramblings about how difficult ethan has been lately. his constatant attitude is draining me.

you can sort of see 'black lines' around the outside of this one (below). yeah. you know the ones...they define your page online but don't really exist on the page itself. so just pretend. looking at white on white does NOT do the LO justice. it's simple. so absolutely simple. but sometimes, after making a lot of messy pages i surprise even myself and whip out a simple/clean page. same pic. one LO messy with paint, one clean.

now i'm off to go check on alexander.

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