Wednesday, October 03, 2007

my (almost finished) new space.

it's not quite done. there is nothing on the walls yet. i haven't found exactly what i'm looking for. i'm also looking for some brushed satin (chrome-like but more like stainless steel) hook things to go on the wall so i can hang my gaffer tape and masking tape (and a few other things). i want easy access to the things i use often. the space is coming along. i'm looking for a BIG rug to go under my work table. i found one at world market but think it might be a little too big so i'm keeping my eye out until i find the perfect one.
the flowers were picked yesterday from the front yard. i'm trying to enjoy the simple things. i didn't take pics, but across the loft is the computer and scanner. they're ugly. so they aren't going up on my blog. :wink:
what you see is all there is. if my schtuff ever overtakes my shelves i will purge. i have:
jars for all my ribbon
jars for all my buttons
jars for my pens
a basket for all my rubons
a basket for misc things like HS ghost shapes, 7gs labels, 7gs stickers, etc.
a basket for my most oft used rubber stamps
a basket for my most oft used acrylic stamps
a basket for my most oft use foam stamps
a basket for my most oft used ink pads
a basket for my flowers
a basket for my chipboard alpahas
and of course two chrome 'cd holders' which i use to hold my most oft used paints
i am sure this set up is not for everyone. i am not color coordinated. i just think i think differently and this is what works for me.
my pp and cs are in a basket on the floor by my work table. i mostly work on my table but do find that from time to time i spread things out on the floor (mostly when i'm choosing paper) so this works out nicely for me.
aside from my work table i have a table just for my sewing machine. so nice. in the past i had my sewing machine ON my scrap desk downstairs and had to move it off and on depending on what i was doing. my sewing machine is ancient. seriously. and weighs like 30 freaking pounds! i love the little chair at my sewing table and i love the bigger chair (so comfy) which is at my scrap table. THANKS MOM. you rock.
it's nice to have some space. i'm looking forward to finishing it up, decorating and adding the little things here and there that i want.


Marieke said...

Wow K that is one awesome space! So spacious! I LOVE the colour you've chosen for the walls.

Rachael said...

Oh it is gorgeous, K!!!

I really love your colors!!! What a great place for you to be creative!! Awesome!!! So happy for you that you have a space all of your own!!

Leslie Ashe said...

AWESOME space Kimberly!! You LUCKY girl you. The color ROCKS!

Patrice~ said...

Kimberly you lucky lucky creative girl! ab/fab wall color - and and shelving and desks - perfection! I'm feeling a surge of inspiration coming on right now! congrats on such a soothing, comfortable, all-your-own creative-escape place! You rock!

Lisa said...

Very, very pretty. may I come over and play??!!

Christi said...

love that wall color - classic but trendy.
the black accents look so sharp
love your jars of buttons and pens too!!

jenscaleshr said...

Oooohhh - that space is AWESOME! Love that blue! The dark furniture looks awesome!

Did you have fun in FL? I want the deets! Was it so freakin' hot? :) I bet you hd a blast!

No LSS for me this year... way too much going on to commit to that much brain power. Whew.

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday wishes!