Monday, October 29, 2007


remember the child we never got to hold. a page about something that happened about four years ago around this time of year. first page i've done about this. it was good to remember. but sad. very very sad. i think about this often. but it also helped me to forget (while i was submersed in making the page). i guess i needed to make it. in case you're wondering, the child in the photograph? that's ethan. he was almost a year and a half old. this photograph just really always makes me think about this because it happened close to halloween and E is in his lamb costume on halloween day of that year.


Rachael said...

Hugs!!! I've been there and know how you feel!!

Fabulous layout, glad you were able to create it!!

Stephanie said...

Sometimes it's good to remember even when it hurts. This hobby can be so therapuetic sometimes.

Lisa said...

Hugs to you my friend

jenscaleshr said...

I've been there too, sweetie... I'm so glad you scrapped it.

I bought an angel figurine after it happened to me. Maybe I'll take a photo of the angel and scrap it?

You inspire me in so many ways.