Wednesday, October 17, 2007

mullin' things over so not really much to say.

instead of chatty chattin' about what's happenng (or not happening) in my life i'll just post a LO i did today.

yes. it's a 12 x 12.

hey. i used to do them all the time.

yes. my LO has more than one pic on it.

what can i say, i'm a multi-faceted scrapper. HAAA! that's good for a giggle.

this is actually the first soccer page i've ever done. the first 'sports' kind of page for that matter. i wanted a bunch of dif pics depicting dif times in the game all on the same page.

at this particular game it rained during the last half. like really rained. for nevada that's rare. i loved it. the kids were soaked. parents were soaked. and it was fun.

i wrote 'killer instinct' out onto a piece of light blue cardstock using a black sharpie. then i just cut out the letters. i wanted that bit of blue behind the black but on top of the white. there isn't even any patterned paper on this. only a MME flower. i wanted a really basic page. i wanted the pics and design of the pics to stand out and help make the LO. of course i can't complete a LO these days without some messy paint.


Stephanie said...

Love it!

Lisa said... the ironic twist of the sweet flower next to the "killer" title! Long live messy paint girl!

Rachael said...

I totally love this!!!