Thursday, August 10, 2006


Sometimes I do stupid things. I just ruined a BRAND NEW (just got them yesterday) package of MME Bohemia rub ons. I almost cried. lol.... The little paper thingie fell out and I didn't realize it and the rub ons all stuck to the packaging. Bummer. Total bummer. I figured I should stop...walk away for a I ruin something else. Maybe even go to bed. My eyes are tired. Have I mentioned how much my allergies S-U-C-K???!!! Well..they do. I am off to bed...but not before I check on the Zan man. Make sure he's comfy...then of course I'll go check on E too. lol...Can't check on one if you don't check on the other! That's in the good mother's hand book you know. True.

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