Sunday, August 20, 2006

Selfish people suck.

People who, time and time again, think about nothing but themselves......suck. Especially when they are in your family. It is such a complicated matter. And right now I am fuming. Just picture me sitting here with steam coming out both of my ears because that's how I feel. Hot. Angry. People that say they will do something and then don't...again and again....I'm done. I'm tired of being on the bottom of the list........I'm tired of being just 'squeazed' in when it's convenient for them. I'm tired of feeling unimportant. It makes me sad.

....end of mini vent....

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JupitorMoon said...

I always hate feeling like somebody's charity case. "Oh, I was thinking of you, so I had a moment to call you while I was sitting here...on the toilet." - Gee, thanks.
I hope it gets better for you.