Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mrs. Armstrong....a name I don't think I'll forget.

Today E had his kindergarten evaluation. Alexander and I filled out some paperwork in the back of the classroom while E met with Mrs. Armstrong. Mrs. Armstrong.....E's first teacher. She seemed nice. He liked her. She had good things to say about him. He scored above average on his evaluation. I was listening. I was laughing. I was nervous. I was happy. He did great. He didn't realize he was being evaluated which is for the best. He was nervous though I think...he must have sensed something...plus it was his first time in his classroom. His first time meeting his teacher, a woman he will be spending his mornings with now. I'm sad. Someone else will be teaching my son. But I really truly did LOVE listening to him answer her questions, watch him write his name..do whatever it was she asked him to do. And he was SO polite. SO sweet. Yes Mrs. Armstrong...no Mrs. Armstrong...lol...it was precious. I really was proud. Still am. I think I'm nervous too. And I didn't realize just how nervous until I was face to face with taking him to his evaluation. I must not cry when I drop him off for his first day!!!! lol...


JupitorMoon said...

The first day is never easy. And you won't be weird for taking 200 photos, I know!
Hang in there!

JenSmack said...

I can't wait for the scrapbook pages! :)


It'll be tough - but you'll get through it. Your friends will be there holding your hand that day... don't worry.