Thursday, June 10, 2010

self portrait!

self portrait.
first one i've ever done.
i could never do portraits on a regular basis.
not my thing.
but every artist should have at least one self portrait.
wanted to do something different.
something completely opposite from what i've been doing.
to free my mind.
to give myself different focus for a bit.
i especially like how you can see the stud in my nose. heh.
i have art journaled for a long long time.
art journaling is giving yourself freedom to paint. whatever.
pair that with however you're feeling at the time?
lay down those feelings, all that strong emotion.
the power of words.
AND paint.
it can be powerful stuff.
i often put photographs of myself on my art journal pages.
mostly because looking at photographs of myself helps me figure out exactly what it was i was feeling at the time the photo was taken.
it helps me sort through the crap.
a self portrait??
that is a whole nother matter.
i look at this painting and i'm almost startled.
it's like....WHAM. there i am.
a big huge me on a canvas.
that is some scary shit!
i have been looking at this painting.
looking at the woman. me.
trying to figure out what this painting says.
i think it says only this.
here i am.
this is me.
THIS is who i am.


Anonymous said...

wow! a brave artist. this is wonderful!

clare b said...

I love it!

QuirkyGirl said...

Wish I could properly explain why the fact that you are painting and not just painting but steping outside your box and painting new things makes me feel like crying. Its a mixture of relief for you and pride in you. It was not so long ago that your voice was still silenced. to see the works of a voice unleashed makes me emotional. I love this...mostly for you but I love it for me too. I don't know that makes much sense, yet I'm confident that you get it.

Lindy T said...

I had to look twice at this, at first I thought it was a photo of you, that's how exact it is! Love this, it's beautiful!

Mama Marks said...

wonderful painting, love it :)